xAnDoOx (xandoox) wrote in paraboozleleft,

set times

set times got posted today. my schedule as to where i'll be is as follows:

2:00-2:30: We The Kings
2:55-3:25: A Rocket To The Moon
3:30-4:00: Bayside
4:00-4:30: The Starting Line
4:25-4:55: Sky Eats Airplane
5:00-5:30: Story Of The Year
5:25-5:55: Dear And The Headlights
6:30-7:00: New Found Glory
7:25-7:55: The Audition
8:10-8:55: Paramore
8:55-9:40: Jimmy Eat World
9:40-10:40: The All-American Rejects

of course, this could change if paramore does a signing or something lol. whats your guys schedule look like?
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